Bluebird Greenhouse Varieties of Plants Growing Now

Bluebird Flowers

Mammoth Sunflower




 Bluebird Demonstration Square Foot Garden

Melting Sugar Snow Peas

California Wonder Peppers

Hale’s Best Cantaloupe

Red Cored Chantenay Carrots

Early White Bush Scallop Squash

Contender Bush Beans

Lavender Vera

Brandywine Tomato

Black Beauty Zucchini

Bluebird Tomato Varieties

Jubilee Yellow

Jelly Bean Red

Bluebird Mesclun Lettuces

Rocket Arugula

Pak Choi

Bibb Limestone

Mesclun Mix

Swiss Chard Ruby

Swiss Chard Green

Salad Bowl Lettuce

Bluebird Herbs

Oregano [Brenda Tipton’s gift]

Dill Bouquet

Lavender Vera

Farmer Bob’s Tomato Varieties Include:

Cherokee Purple

Valencia Orange


Moskvich [early red]



Mariglobe [red]

Farmer Bob’s Herb Varieties include:

Caesar Basil

Ruby Red Basil

Culinary Sage

Vulgare Oregano

Fernleaf Dill

English Thyme

Garlic Chives

Farmer Bob’s Lettuce Varieties

Black Seeded Simpson

Waldman’s Dark Green

New Red Fire

Bridget [red]

Red Salad Bowl Mix

Farmer Bob’s Pepper Varieties

Red Alliance






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