Bluebird Greenhouse Invites Local Farmers and Producers to Spring Fling Market

If you are a local farmer or Georgia producer who would like to market your products this April in Middle Georgia, we invite you to Bluebird’s Spring Fling Market and Strawberry Tasting on Friday, April 8th at Bluebird Greenhouse.  Parking is free and convenient.

3 Fun things to do:

1-Plant Sale and Market!

2-Sign up for Bluebird CSA Spring Season

3-Strawberry Tastings with Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberry Ice Cream

Vendors, in the manner of a Georgia Made Georgia Grown Products Farmers Market, may set up tents on cement by the greenhouse, or a table under the canopy at no charge.  When you sell items you may voluntarily choose to chip-in 10% to the Greenhouse Fund which is used to cover expenses such as water and utilities.

Photos show the greenhouse space to better determine a place for your table.  First come, first serve basis and we will open at 8 am to vendors.  There are large low tables available if needed.  A covered canopy area on cement and smaller canopy on dirt with sidewalk pathway.  There is also a space with no canopy if you prefer to bring your farmers market tent.



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