Bluebird Greenhouse Now Offers ‘Bluebird Cupboard’ Filled with Georgia Made Products

Taste samples of locally made, Farm to Table products and select your favorites from Bluebird Cupboard!   

Because there are so many excellent Georgia producers with an array of fine products offered through Bluebird, we are pleased to announce the opening of ‘Bluebird Cupboard.’

Stocking the greenhouse pantry, Bluebird now offers various Georgia fruit ciders, Dilly Beans, Marinara Sauce, Local Honey, Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Pickles, BBQ Sauces, and more from our favorite Georgia producers!  You will find the full line of James Family Farm preserves, jams, pickles and chow chows in the Bluebird Cupboard.

Sample a taste and select your favorites on Thursdays at the greenhouse and during special events such as the Spring Fling Plant Sale and Strawberry Tasting.

While these products are available to you conveniently online through the CSA, you may also sample and select individual products from the community supported agriculture  ‘Bluebird Cupboard’ located at Bluebird Greenhouse.


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