Bluebird Greenhouse Pickup for Griffin Locally

Bluebird CSA is delighted and honored to announce, our program has been approved by for Griffin and surrounding communities. 

Bluebird CSA will sponsor Locally for the Griffin area. 

In addition to your Bluebird CSA veggie share boxes and Add-Ons from Georgia producers, you will now have the opportunity to order directly with local farmers and pickup conveniently on Fridays in Griffin at the greenhouse.

You may logon here:

You may order over weekends from Friday at 8 am until Sunday at 6 pm. for pickup on the upcoming Friday of farm to table products.  Payment is at the time of pickup.  There is no online payment for this program.

If you are familiar with Locally Grown. net programs across the state of Georgia, you will know how efficient and effective they are when building a local foods system.  Founded in Athens Georgia they are fast becoming the new way of thinking about another excellent way to connect for farm fresh veggies.

Area farmers and Georgia producers are invited to sell directly online and pickup will be Fridays at Bluebird Greenhouse, 931 Hamilton Blvd. Griffin.

Farmer Bob James, Farmer Steve McCrary, Farmers Nolan and Steve, Farmer Dan and others are excited about this excellent way of reaching out in the Griffin community with their just picked locally grown farm harvest on a weekly basis.


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