Bluebird Greenhouse Development Phases

Bluebird Greenhouse Development

Building One:  Growing

Building Two:  Packing and Transplanting

Phase I Recap Feb-April: Starting Spring Seeds for Garden Plants


  • To develop Community Supported Agriculture programs in the Griffin area
  • To revitalize a closed greenhouse facility with edible vegetables
  • To encourage Farm to School learning experiences
  • To provide garden plants for affordable fresh foods to the community
  • To offer internships for those interested in a Local Foods Certificate

On February 22, Farmer Bob and Bluebird began starting tomato, lettuce, herb and various heirloom vegetable plant seeds using organic practices.

3 Spring Plant Sales offering Affordable Veggie Plants to Community

  1. The first Veggie Plant Sale open to the public was Spring Fling on April 8th.
  2. The second week of Plant Sale open to public was on April 16th.
  3. The 3rd week event was Earth Day Farm-to-School and Plant Sale held on Good Friday, April 22, 2011–Easter Weekend Holiday.   Good Friday (2011 also Earth Day) is planting day for many local growers and farmers.

After these 3 successful planting events providing affordable garden plants to the community, the remaining vegetable and tomato plants will be transferred to local farms and the Bluebird Greenhouse gardens to produce fruits outdoors during the summer season.  Click to enlarge thumbnail images.

Phase II Begins May-July:  Edibles in Container Gardens

Container gardening allows so many more people the chance to get involved with gardening. Vegetables can pretty much be grown anywhere; there is nothing that the plant needs that cannot be offered to the plant in a container,” states Greenhouse Gardening.


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