Bluebird Greenhouse is Drop Off for Local Cottage Baked Goods

Have you considered creating  multiple streams of income by producing a homebaked or handmade product? 

It’s as easy as a bake sale!!

Food Production is a consumer staple–things we need to have in order to simply exist and survive, no matter the economy.

Email us with questions:

Test your local market through Bluebird CSA. Our aim– as part of a sustainability initiative– is to encourage local producers! 

We very much encourage you to launch a test product affordably in order to develop a multiple stream of income for you and your family. 

Aim to source locally.   Use Georgia grown sweet potatoes or apples for pies, muffins and breads and sweeten them with local honey.

Use healthy ingredients like whole grains (oats, bran, flax, whole wheat), natural sweeteners (agave, honey, turbinado sugar), dark chocolate, fruits (apples, pears, grapes), veggies (sweet potatoes, pumpkin, zucchini) , healing herbs/spices (cinnamon, garlic, thyme) and nuts (pecans, peanuts).

Here are ideas of Cottage Baked Goods we are looking to source locally for fall and winter season local foods:

Desserts/Snacks with Fruit, Veggies, Nuts, Dark Chocolate

  • Caramel apples dipped in chocolate and pecans
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Sweet Potato Pies
  • Apple Crostata or Rustic Apple Pie
  • Pecan Coffee Cake 
  • Chocolate Mint or Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Dark Chocolate Brownies
  • Dark Chocolate dipped English
    Toffee with pecans
  • Dark Chocolate Pecan Turtles
  • Pecan Biscotti 
  • Peanut Trail Mixes

Multi Grain Breakfasts

  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Muffins
  • Granola and Breakfast Bars
  • Artisan Stone Ground Whole Wheat-loaf
  • Multi Grain Pancake Mixes

Healthy Dinner Baked Goods

  • Focaccia Bread or Dipping Sticks (Pizza Dough)
  • Corn Muffins, Sticks or Breads with Peppers, etc.
  • Dried Soup Mixes
  • Multigrain Baguettes
  • Homemade Pastas

Kitchen Pantry

  • Flavored Sea Salts/Spice Blends/Dip Mixes 
  • Garlic Braids
  • Bay leaf wreaths
  • Onion wreaths
  • Chili Pepper Ristras 
  • Christmas and fall wreaths with locally grown herbs or greenery
  • Herbal Vinegars

Healthy Pets

  • Pet Biscuit Treats

Special Needs

  • Gluten Free Baked Goods
  • Grains, flours, starches and thickeners that are considered Safe for Celiac Alergies include
    Corn, grits, polenta and cornmeal
    Buckwheat, buckwheat cereal, kasha and buckwheat flour
    Rice- white, brown, risotto, basmati, jasmine, sticky rice, rice cereal
    Rice flour- white rice, sweet (glutinous) rice and brown rice flour
    Quinoa, quinoa cereal flakes, and quinoa flour
    Millet and millet flour
    Sorghum flour
    Amaranth and amaranth flour
    Certified gluten-free oats and oatmeal* see note
    Coconut flour
    Teff flour
    Nut meals and flours- almond, chestnut, pecan, cashew
    Chick pea, garbanzo, soy (soya) and bean flour
    Tapioca (whole) and tapioca starch (manioc)
    Potato starch (used in baking)
    Potato flour (used sparingly as a thickener)
    Sweet potato and yam flour
    Arrowroot starch

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