Bluebird America Oktoberfest Culinary Tourism

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Wisconsin Hoop Cheddar for making Beer Cheese Dip, Artisan Breadbowl, farm veggies for dipping. Bavarian style chocolate dipped pretzels and Drunken German Chocolate Cupcakes baked by Bliss Bakery in McDonough Georgia are also included.

Bluebird America Valentine's Fondue

Swiss families in winegrowing settlements near San Francisco brought their traditions to this region including the 1930 Swiss National Dish~~Cheese Fondue. Fondue became very popular in American California culture in the 60’s as a communal dish. In the mid-60’s Chalet Suisse restaurateur, Konrad Egli, invented Chocolate Fondue as a promotion for Toblerone Swiss Chocolate.

French Creole Cuisine, The Birthplace of Jazz–New Orleans, La., which emerges from a French and Creole history. Jambalaya, red beans and rice, file gumbo, pralines and more offered by Wayton Farms, Fayetteville, GA. ‘Bluebird Across America’ Week 1 Add-On: French Creole Cuisine share box includes Farmer Joe’s seasoning and bean mix packets of Jambalaya, Gumbo and Red Beans and Rice PLUS 1/2 dozen Christmas Pralines made with Georgia pecans. You will also receive a quarter share of French Riviera Heirloom shallots which are now growing on Wayton Farms, Fayetteville, GA and will be ready the week of Dec. 16th–your mixes and pralines will be ready for pickup the week of Friday Dec. 9th to follow by the shallots when these are ready for harvest. These shallots were first brought to America in the 1700’s from Cannes, France. What you get: 3 /French Creole Cuisine seasoning and bean mixes, 1/2 dozen Christmas Praline candies with Georgia pecans and –in 3 weeks– a qtr share of heirloom shallots.

‘Bluebird Across America’ Week 2 Add-On: Southwestern Cuisine Party Tray (or appetizers) includes Salsa Verda, Red Salsa, Cheese Queso Dip, corn tortilla chips, cayenne pepper hot sauce, PLUS Christmas Dark Chocolate Cayenne Bark made with bittersweet cacao chocolate. Bluebird teams up with LaFiesta Restaurant in Thomaston, GA, to offer you favorite tastes from this authentic Southwestern eatery!

‘Bluebird Across America’ Week 3 Add-On: Charleston Christmas Cheer Brunch Basket includes Charleston Tea Plantation tea (the only tea grown and produced in America), Stone Ground Grits with Nathalie Dupree’s recipe for Shrimp and Grits (Nathalie is a current resident of Charleston and renowned Southern Chef), Benne Wafers. We are delighted to offer you Charleston cuisine as Bluebird across America Culinary Tour continues.

Colonial Willliamsburg Wassail and Gingerbread Christmas Eve Basket includes traditional Williamsburg style Wassail Mix plus Quart of Apple Cider, Gingerbread and a loaf of French Bread for Welsh Rabbit with a Recipe Card for Welsh Rabbit prepared at Colonial Williamsburg’s Chownings Tavern (Welsh Rabbit is au gratin cheese sauce and sliced tomato broiled atop French bread). We are delighted to offer you the tastes of Colonial Williamsburg cuisine as our Culinary Tour continues with Bluebird across America.

America enjoys richly diverse and exciting culinary traditions.
Join us as Bluebird explores a variety of regional foods with Add-On’s you will LOVE!!


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