Bluebird Serving Middle Georgia and South Metro Families with Farm Fresh Foods

About Us: With the aim of fresh, whole, affordable foods for all, Bluebird began as a sustainability initiative offering community garden space and Adopt-a-Row options to low income, intown families and anyone who wanted to grow their own foods. When crops, grown by the local 4-H members and other community garden growers, began to be harvested, Bluebird Market was launched as a local farmers market on June 6, 2009 where local farmers, growers and producers were invited to market their products. With requests to establish a weekly food share box and organic co-op by working with local growers and producers, Bluebird CSA was approved as a multiple farm CSA by Local

How to benefit from Local Foods with Bluebird:

  • Bluebird Greenhouse was established in December 2010 and currently offers community garden and greenhouse space to anyone interested in starting seeds or growing their own foods.
  • Bluebird Internships for all ages interested in learning more about Local Foods Systems.
  • FREE Harvest Shares. From time to time, when crops are harvested in abundance, we have shared with over 50 families, a bag of veggies grown in the community garden and by Georgia farmers.  If you are interested in a FREE bag of veggies in season, you may sign up on the waiting list at  
  • Safety-net work options.  If you know of a family in need, please let us know, as we believe there is abundant, good food for all.  We will work in any way possible to provide for local families in need of healthy, nourishing foods upon harvest.
  • Affordable weekly share boxes.  As a community supported agriculture member, you may sign up for an affordable box of weekly veggies grown by local growers and farmers in Georgia.
  • Arts Support.  Bluebird has hosted a number of arts events to encourage local support of local artists including Folk and Indie artists.
  • Farm to School.  Bluebird Festival was a fundraiser for Farm to School in Middle Georgia.  These efforts continue with fresh foods in vending machines for local establishments, colleges, work places and schools.  Contact:
  • Georgia Producer Development.  Bluebird supports Georgia producers and assists in marketing their products to local families. If you are interested in baking or producing a product, we will be happy to speak with you about product development and offer direction for how to take steps on the path to becoming a Georgia producer.
  • Spring Plant Sales.  Farmers and growers with Bluebird offer spring vegetable and herb plants for your home garden. 



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