Benefits of Chamomile

3 Benefits of Chamomile, Source: Lifescript
1- Anti-inflammatory–Chamomile soothes inflammation both inside and outside of the body. Inside chamomile acts to sooth the smooth muscles lining the digestive tract, relieving irritable symptoms. Outside the body, chamomile is used to treat mild burns, including sunburn, rashes, sores and eye inflammation.
2- Anti-spasmodic–This property of chamomile is responsible for the muscle and nerve-relaxing powers of the herb. It is used commonly to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia, as well as muscle pains. Certain active compounds in chamomile work similar to anti-anxiety medications, which promote relaxation in the brain and nervous system.
3- Anti-bacterial herb–Chamomile fights bacterial infections by destroying the very bacteria that cause them. One of chamomile’s active ingredients, Azulene, directly fights staph and strept infections. By destroying the bacteria that cause infections, chamomile helps to speed up recovery time.


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