Bluebird Greenhouse is a Drop Off for Local Community Supported Agriculture Products

Are you a local producer interested in building a local foods system?

Hello, how are you today?  We are here to pickup honey.”  Bluebird picks up from a local honey farm weekly.

  • In addition to picking up products at local farms, many local producers bring their products to Bluebird Greenhouse.
  • Farmer Matt delivers his crops including carrots and Pak Choi.

Down the Lane delivers their handmade lavender soaps, locally grown blueberry muffins and heirloom tomatoes.

  • Bluebird meets a fine local cottage artisan baker just off the downtown square as she brings a basket of teacakes, breakfast breads and homemade granola for Bluebird members.
  • Stopping by weekly at a local warehouse where certified organic sprouts are grown, Bluebird picks up broccoli and sunflower sprouts.
  • Callaway Blue Spring Water is loaded for Bluebird CSA members locally.
  • Cheese Straws are delivered to the Vineyard for weekly orders.
  • Blueberries are harvested and kept in the fridge until picked up by Bluebird.
  • Strawberries are harvested and ready for Bluebird to pickup during strawberry season by local growers.
  • Summer squash is harvested and weighed, along with corn, onions, potatoes and more when Bluebird arrives for pickup at local farms.
  • Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes are picked up during season from a local backyard gardener.

Over 70 producers are part of Bluebird CSA {Community Supported Agriculture}

What might you produce for a community supported agriculture program?

Veggies, Flowers, Herbs

Year round seasonal vegetables, fresh flowers and herbs can be grown at home.

Heirloom Tomatoes

Are you a grower of heirloom tomatoes with enough to share?  Contact:


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, cranberries, peaches, apples, figs, melons, grapes…  Almost everyone has a suitable container or garden space which can become productive growing fruits which then can be harvested and delivered to Bluebird.

Craft Supplies

You’ll likely find countless items in your home garden that can be marketed such as pinecones, holly, wood cuttings, feathers, acorns and more.  

Custom Made Kitchen Tools

Whiskbrooms, baskets, ceramic ironstone serving ware, pottery


Divinity, fudge, pecan pralines

Baked Goods

Artisan Breads, muffins, quick breads, breadsticks, cakes, cookies, pies, tarts

Handmade lotions, soaps, candles, lip balms, shaving creams

Home air sprays, bug bite relief, herbal face scrubs, pot pourri, sachets

Sewing and Knitting

Scarves, hats, earmuffs, mittens, sweater pillows, pet sweaters and more.

Pet Treats

Homemade and healthy kitty and dog treats.  Other pet care items.

Heirloom Seeds

Do you save seeds from your flowers, cuttings from herbs or seeds from your heirloom tomatoes or veggies?



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