Farm to School Garden

Bluebird Greenhouse Farm to School Kitchen Garden is a local foods sytem sustainability initiative under development to demonstrate, test, teach, learn and enjoy.

Bluebird Farm to School Kitchen Garden is dedicated to teaching students and their families how to grow a garden that is simple, affordable and healthy.

Farmer Bob will bring his tractor to Bluebird Greenhouse on Earth Day, Friday, April 22, 2011 to help us plant the garden.  Join the fun!

Top 3 Aims

1-Farm to School Healthy Foods for All

2- Organic Practices

3-Every $1 in Seed produces $20 in veggies

One aim of the Bluebird Greenhouse Farm to School Kitchen Garden is to measure if the following statement is accurate:

Every $1 spent in seeds provides $20 in produce.

To accurately measure this statement, Bluebird Greenhouse Farm to School Kitchen Garden is logging in seed costs and weighing all veggies and produce grown from these seeds. 

Stay tuned….

Earth Day 2011, April 22 was also Good Friday.  Thank you Farmer Bob for tilling the garden space at Bluebird Greenhouse for Farm to School veggies.

2011 Spring Seed Costs Organic and Heirloom

Organic Brandywine Tomatoes $2.

Organic French Breakfast Radishes $2.

Heirloom Seeds: 

Melting Sugar Peas $1.

Hale’s Best Cantaloupe $1.

California Wonder Peppers $1

Red Cored Chantenay Carrots $1

Contender Beans $1

Early White Scallop Squash $1.

Lavender $1.


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